A professional 4 piece band, available for weddings, functions, and events of any kind. Playing only the best hits from the 60s to now.

Tiger Club have rapidly built a big reputation as a premium function band. We provide the best mix of dance-floor gems from all eras for weddings, parties and events of all types. Whatever the function, wherever the party, Tiger Club delivers the perfect professional performance. Music from any era, suited to your requirements, played expertly and always with a smile.

Like a pint of well known lager, Tiger Club are probably the best covers band in the country. Let four lifetimes of musical experience caress your ears in sonic bliss. Be warned though, don't let the unassuming appearance of these men fool you; they will make you dance until you've had enough, or the venue closes, whichever is sooner.

Our services

Our Services

Playing all the best party songs from past decades and bringing it bang up to date with recent chart material, Tiger Club cater for any occasion. We provide a multitude of benefits, including:

A discreet but powerful quality P.A. and lighting system suitable for any venue.

An iPOD connection for your own background music or first dance that we'll play for you.

A selection of background music that we'll play for you; you can use this service as an alternative to booking a separate disco & D.J.

We can set up in a small area and only require about an hour to install ourselves. We'll do everything possible to make your special event a success, so anything that you need from a band, just ask and we'll do whatever it takes to achieve this. Learn a special song, no problem; set up at a specific time, let us know when; play between this time and that time, we'll play when you're ready. You'll also find us very competitively priced compared to other bands in the area - call to find out!

For a minimal charge, we can also provide live piano accompaniment to your event. Our very own keyboard player will set up and play piano as background music during the function when required. Not only is it more convenient for you, it is considerably less expensive than hiring a separate pianist. Please ask for more details.

Our equipment is PAT tested to ensure your safety and we have full Public Liability insurance.

Check if this Act has current & valid Public Liability Insurance with The Alliance of Musicians & Performers


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"Thanks so much for playing at my 70th birthday - we had a blast, and I even got to dance with some young ladies." - Kim J.

"You're my favourite band. If anyone asks for a recommendation, I'll be telling them about you." - Martin A.

"You boys made the night. Everyone was dancing right from the first song, and that's never happened before." - Philip B.

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Click on the songs with links to see/hear them

Blurred Lines | Robin Thicke

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.
Locked out of heaven | Bruno Marrs

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.
Rolling in the deep | Adele

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.
Hold back the night | Graham Parker

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.
Tracks of my tears | Smokey Robinson

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.
Everlasting love | Love Affair

Can't see the video? Watch here instead.

Track list

This is a list of the songs that we could play at any point. Wow, so many songs...

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Tiger Club is a 4 piece band, comprising Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Drums. We bring our own PA and lights and can play very loudly and remarkably quietly, even within the same song, to suit the venue and the audience. We play a vast variety of songs from '60s classics to modern hits in all genres. We tune our set list in real time to suit the occasion and the audience on the night. If required, we offer a background music service from our own party playlists, or you can simply give us a suitable device with your own playlist on. We need enough space to set up our equipment, enough space for you to dance and access to at least two 13 amp power sockets.

Answers to common questions


"Are you available for my party next week/month?" There are only 52 weekends every year and we are often booked up months in advance. You might be lucky, but might not. If you want a repeat booking next year, waiting for 6 months will probably result in disappointment.

"How much do you charge?" We get asked this all the time, but it's difficult to put a specific price forward until we know more details about the event. Prices may vary depending on the date, travel time, time at the event, finish time, number of sets and so on. If you think you have a price in mind, ask yourself whether hiring 4 plumbers/electricians to turn up and fix your plumbing/wiring for about 6 hours and see if it is comparable.

Our equipment is PAT tested to ensure your safety and we have full Public Liability insurance.

Yes, you can select songs from our set list if you have specific requirements for that special song. We will endeavour to learn any songs we don't already know where possible.

We will travel any distance, if the price is right and where it is actually possible. Of course, asking us to go to a bar in Arkansas for $100 is unlikely to meet with approval.

We usually need to arrive no later than an hour before we need to be ready (i.e. before guests start to arrive) and we will typically need to soundcheck for a few minutes during this period. Significantly early set-up times may incur additional charges, but ask for clarification - we will try and accomodate all reasonable timing arrangements. Setting up whilst guests are milling around is tricky and to be avoided.

If you want to see us in the flesh, we play in a variety of venues around Peterborough fairly regularly. Check local press for details.

We wear appropriate clothing for the event, whether that be full dress suits or t-shirts.

When it comes to payment, we accept bank transfers before the event, or cheque/cash on (or before) the night.


Formed in 2013, Tiger Club have rapidly built a big reputation as a premium function band. We provide the best mix of dance-floor gems from all eras for weddings, parties and events of all types.

Hugely experienced musicians, the band is assembled from top local Peterborough bands such as The Motivators, Citizen Smith, Brotherhood's Roundabout and Retrolux.

Ian Graham

Photo of Ian

Left-handedness hasn't stopped Ian from being the singer and axe wielder of choice for this band. His gravel-toned voice provides the perfect mix of versatility for the wide range of material we offer.

Chris Allen

Photo of Chris

"Plasticine fingers" and a ready charm with the ladies, Chris is on hand to make sure that all events go without a hitch.

Ken Norman

Photo of Ken

When a four string bass isn't enough, Ken provides more than most.

Lee Dash

Photo of Lee

All the way from South Africa, the rhythms are as exotic as Lee. He also provides a much needed "dash" of hirsute flair.



If you wish to contact the band about any aspect of our performance, or you have any questions, please reach out to us directly.
We'd love to hear from you.

All locations in the UK. We are willing to travel (for the right price).
Phone - Chris: 07568 338043 ; Ken: 07971 570116
Email - tigerclub@sixist.co.uk

Or leave us a message: